Mobile Learning

Ask a teenager where they watch their favorite movies; Ask an employee how they prefer sending non-verbal communication to their colleagues and bosses; or ask a doctor where they check most of their patient reports. All of them would most likely point towards a mobile device like a mobile phone or a tablet. It’s no joke that mobile technology has dissolved so well in our fast-paced lives that we even check the weather outside our house on it. Thus, mobile devices make an ideal medium for legal authorities, businesses and educational institutions to deploy learning modules. Mobile learning or mLearning has therefore seen a surge in popularity, especially targeting the younger generation of workers.

Speed of access, speed of completion, and speed of communication are now counted as key factors that govern the effectiveness of any legal, business or even personal transaction.

Whether it’s a curriculum change in a university, product update sent by a business client, or a legal update sent by the government, these three factors are a huge force in driving a learner or consumer’s choice in a favorable direction. Mobile learning taps on these ideas to offer more effective learning solutions. Mobile learning solutions help your training audience to not be restricted to one device. Mobile learning designs offer multi-device compatibility, making the training accessible on several mobile platforms.
This enables your training content to be accessed on pocket-sized handheld mobile devices, giving your business the same advantage as a shopping brand showing ads through a mobile application. This faster access to your directed training update also means faster deployment and faster results. And this ease and increased frequency of information deployment, slowly increases knowledge retention amongst your target audience.

Apart from the fast training delivery, mLearning also reduces investments that businesses or educational institutions make in terms of logistics. A huge budget spent towards assembling desktops or laptops and the associated accessories to run a training module for several employees at the same time. This can now be completely saved. With more and more organizations now supporting personal mobile devices at work, training deployment and access can now be given on an employee’s mobile that supports the latest mobile software.

To begin the development of a training module, businesses require the involvement of several resources at the same time. Mobile learning also helps in reducing the engagement time of a company’s resources in developing a training. Larger training development projects that involve your resources for a longer time can be broken into smaller logical capsules of mobile learning that can be managed or monitored at regulated intervals. Thus, also increasing the speed of training development in most cases.

Thus, businesses choose mobile learning to not only reduce the training investment cost but also save work productive time.

Make your training delivery reach the people who are on-the-move. Engaging and media-rich, our mobile learning solutions deliver training content in small chunks that target learning retention and specially optimized for mobile devices.

Our mobile learning solutions offer:

  • Learning programs customized for viewing on mobile-platforms
  • Upgradation of existing eLearning content to mobile compatible formats
  • Refresher modules
  • MO-VIDs (Mobile Videos)
  • Software simulations
  • Business simulations
  • Interactive assessments