Ever-changing technology keeps your training content at the risk of getting obsolete.

With our multi-platform e-learning solutions, we upgrade your existing programs or develop new training resources to be compatible with all the latest communication devices. Our goal is to help you oversee a well organized training delivery.

Personalized Learning Experiences

Training solutions with goal-oriented learning experiences.


We create e-Learning programs that showcase a blend of instructionally analyzed subject matter, rich media and online engagement techniques. Our e-learning solutions not only target your training goals but are also focused on reducing your training investment. From streamlined content delivery to an interactive game-based approach, we help you choose a learning design that is best suited to your content.
Here’s what our e-learning programs offer:

Personalized content development using Rapid Authoring Tools

Content enhancement and instructional treatment

Legacy course conversion

Multi-platform training delivery

Localization or language translation for existing content



Businesses choose mobile learning to not only reduce the training investment cost but also save work productive time.

Make your training delivery reach the people who are on-the-move. Engaging and media-rich, our mobile learning solutions deliver training content in small chunks that target learning retention and is specially optimized for mobile devices. Our mobile learning solutions offer:

Learning programs customized for viewing on mobile-platforms

Upgradation of existing eLearning content to mobile compatible formats

Refresher modules

MO-VIDs (Mobile Videos)

Software simulations

Business simulations

Interactive assessments


We live in a world driven by digital advertising and mobile media. And thus, many businesses now choose video-based learning as a primary method for their content delivery. Videos are easy to operate, distribute and advertise. These advantages make them a really cost effective method for content delivery.

We offer high-quality video development compatible with your productivity devices in the following modules:

 Business process/results/updates related videos

 How-to/Instructional videos

 2-D/3-D animated videos

 Documentary-quality montage videos

 Social media videos

 Digital advertising videos


Despite the popularity of online learning programs, certain skills are still best taught through a manual mode of delivery. Transforming human characteristics still require a huge investment in terms of face-to-face or instructor-led training. Our training experts evaluate your existing or new ILT/VILT training material and help you create custom learning experiences to target a desired skill, behavior or organizational capability.

We offer end-to-end ILT/VILT solutions such as:

 Training PowerPoint deck/slideshow (Creation/Enhancement)

 Learner’s/Facilitator’s guide (Creation/Enhancement)

 Activity guides for audience engagement (Creation/Enhancement)

 Job aids/training resources for learner reference

 Trainer facilitation for training content


The best way to learn is by trying. From military to medicine, every industry now is helping its workforce reduce performance errors and increase productivity by exposing them to simulated testing programs. We learn predictable scenarios from your business and build interactive and simulated learning experiences for your learners to test their skills, knowledge and behavior.

These simulations give real-time feedback to your learners based on their actions. Thus, re-inforce the learning.

Simulation programs target:

 Common business situations/scenarios

 Employee skills and behavior

 Learning retention

 Transforming leadership potential and organizational capabilities